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How Blogs, Articles, and Social Bookmarking Feed Each Other

I wrote an article on how I use social networking to generate ideas for Xomba articles. This post twists around to another effective way different types of web content interact – with traffic benefits!

This journey began, yet again, with a Facebook ad. It’s amazing – amid all the incredibly stupid and misleading ads on Facebook, I found two awesome ones.

This ad led me to I really wasn’t looking for another writing avenue – I had Bukisa and eHow, both of which had yielded less than a dollar each for the time I invested (admittedly not much, but still several hours each). I had just deleted all of my articles on AddsYou (50ish) because of the low traffic and the developer’s preoccupation with his new TwitPic clone. I had four primary blogs and countless smaller ones, all of which I was consistently ignoring. I had my languishing WIP, a fantasy started years ago and mired somewhere along the way. I had (and still have!) a somewhat mundane job with an awesome company, and it looked like I’d be keeping it as the company’s imminent demise was averted. My passion for the written word was slowly drifting away.

Then, there was Xomba. The 50-word Xomblurbs intrigued me. I could sneeze 50 words. However, I didn’t join that day, but spent my breaks and that evening reading about others’ experiences with the site. I knew I wanted to sign up under someone’s referral so they would make money from my posts, and I settled on one writer whose articles about the site were particularly helpful, and who seemed friendly and approachable.

I wrote several Xomblurbs, including several that linked to blog posts on this site. While Promote Your Novel is all about promotion, truthfully I haven’t done much yet to promote this site. The reason for that is because I wanted to wait so I could put up more content. I didn’t want to get hundreds of visitors to a blog that only had one or two posts, and have them leave and never come back. So before I posted about it on Xomba, my highest day was two visitors. Most days were zero. After posting on Xomba, there were visitors every day, and a significant increase.

I took one aspect of writing for Xomba and wrote an eHow article about it. That was less than a week ago, and it’s already my highest-earning article on the site. I included my referral link, and am getting one referral a day.

So I blog, then bookmark the blog post on Xomba with a Xomblurb (I plan to later expand to other sites like InfoPirate). That earns me money, and also brings traffic to my site. I then write an article on the process of using these sites and earn more money and traffic.

I can finally see the process begin to snowball. Not a lot, but I’ve got from a marble-sized ball to a golf ball. I just need to remember to keep adding more snow (content) and not let what I’ve had melt away in the sun.