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Seekerville: Publicity 101

Seasoned literary publicist Sabrina Sumsion has an excellent post on publicity this week on Seekerville:

Publicity 101

Pros and Cons of Blog Tours – Part 1

Within the past 5 years, blog tours have become an increasingly popular form of novel promotion. I myself am a part of three tour groups that focus on Christian fiction. There are many different types of book blog tours, and groups tend to focus on one in particular.

Each of the different types of tour have their own strengths and weaknesses. Which ones you (or your publisher) decide to schedule for your novel will depend on what kind of publicity your book needs.

The first kind of blog tour (or blour, as author Brandilyn Collins deemed them) I’ll call a Cookie-Cutter Tour. Blog tour participants simply have to cut and paste content telling about your book into a blog post on a certain day or week, and hit publish. Often the tour group leaders encourage individual reviews and content, but it’s not required. The publisher or author agrees to supply media copies for the participants to review if they choose, along with content for the blog post. Some groups (like the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance) charge for this service, others (like FIRST Blog Alliance) do not.

Cookie-Cutter Tours generate a lot of links to your book’s Amazon page and your website within just a few days. Their effectiveness to create buzz is, however, hindered by the sameness of the posts. Buyers usually need a number of exposures to the product (in this case, your book) before they will purchase it, but those exposures need to be varied. While each blog that hosts your book on a tour gets the message out to more potential readers, in truth there’s a lot of overlap between blog viewers. If a blog viewer sees an identical post about your book on blog after blog, he or she will tune it out quickly. It will be like viewing the same commercial a dozen times in a row.

So if you choose to book a Cookie-Cutter Tour for your novels, for the most impact try to find a diverse group of  bloggers without much viewer overlap.