How to Get Amazon Reviews for Your Novel is the one site where reviews have a direct impact on sales. Some glowing phrases and lots of stars and you’re set. No reviews and people will hesitate. A few disparaging remarks and one or two stars and people will move onto the next book. So how do you get good Amazon reviews?

I’m skimming by the fact that you must have written a good book. Your book is published now; so you can’t change anything about it.

Some authors give away copies of their book in exchange for reviews. This is great, especially if you have a group of influencers who love your work.

You can also link to Amazon’s page on your blog or website and ask readers to write a quick review if they liked your book. Most won’t take the extra step to click over to a different site, though. So how to reel in readers already on Amazon?

One excellent way is AmazonConnect. This allows you to directly connect with your readers right on Amazon. Cheryl Kaye Tardif wrote a great article to help authors get started on AmazonConnect – you can read it here. Bea Amor also shares how you can utilize the program and other services Amazon offers for authors.

How do you get Amazon reviews?

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