Pros and Cons of Blog Tours – Part 2

The second kind of blog tour I call Participation Tours. Like cookie-cutter tours, they focus on posting about your book on a certain day or series of days. However, bloggers don’t have content to cut and paste (though some still paste information like back cover copy), so the posts require significant more work on the blogger’s part. Media copies are usually still provided, and you may be asked to provide unique content for specific bloggers.

You can see that this type of blog tour may get time-consuming, especially if you’re getting interview requests from ten different bloggers that all need them within the week. Usually, however, this type of tour has a smaller number of participants than the cookie-cutter tour.

Another aspect (not always present) of a Participation Tour is linking to other bloggers on the tour. While this would make little sense in a cookie-cutter tour, in a Participation Tour every blog has unique content. There is often a list of links to the other blogs on the tour at the end of the post, and bloggers are encouraged to comment on other posts in the tour.

This type of tour may not generate the sheer quantity of Amazon links that cookie-cutter tours do, but it outclasses them in quality. People will be actively discussing your book. One drawback to this is that their opinions may not always be positive. They (usually) invested time to read your book, and if they hate it, they’ll let you know. Or at least point out a few things that may make you squirm.

Don’t response in anger if a blogger doesn’t like your novel. If you can’t reply civilly, ignore the post. Often, if the remarks are unjustified, other bloggers on the tour will come to your defense.

If you have the time (and if you don’t, try to make it!), comment on all the tour posts, thanking the bloggers and addressing any questions that may come up. You may want to wait until the day or two after the tour so others have time to comment first.

I belong to one Participation Tour group, the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour.

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