Pros and Cons of Blog Tours – Part 3

The third (and final, at least for the purposes of this series) type of blog tour I’m calling a Progressive Tour. Rather than focusing on a specific day, or three days, or week – like the previous tours we discussed do – this tour can stretch out for weeks, even months.

How progressive tours generally work is you ask bloggers if you can write a guest post for their blog. You create a schedule so you have a guest post appearing on a different blog every (or every other) weekday for a set time period. Each post is unique and based on the blogger’s needs. Many ask interview questions. Some may want to review your book. Others may be more writer-focused and would like you to share some tips.

This type of tour requires a lot of work, but since the posts come out gradually you don’t need to write them all at once (though it’s helpful if you do have them finished before the tour starts, or at least a general idea of what you’ll be writing about). You’ll also have more time to comment and interact with readers of each post.

If you have your own blog with a good amount of readers, you’ll want to keep them informed about the tour, which can get a little tricky if you’re not used to posting every day (it’s a great way to help you get started with that, though!). You’ll want to create a teaser blurb for each post, and link directly to the post after it’s live. You’ll also want to include a “master list” post that shows all the stops on the blog tour.

Camy Tang is a talented author who has progressive tours down to a science. Here’s the master list from the blog tour for her latest novel, Deadly Intent.

If you choose to do a progressive tour, remember – every day of the tour you’ll need to:

  1. Post on your blog with a teaser blurb and permalink (no, you can’t schedule this because you need to wait until the post goes live to get the permalink)
  2. Update your master list post with the permalink
  3. Visit the blog after the post has been up for a little while to thank the blogger and respond to comments

So which kind of tour is right for you and your novel? I don’t know – maybe you’ll be adventurous and try all three! But I hope these posts will help you make an informed decision based on how much work is involved and how you want to reach readers. I wish you great success in your novel promotion!

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