Yes, I’m still alive! When my hard drive died last fall, I lost my password for this site. I didn’t even remember what username I’d chosen! And, unfortunately, the email address I’d selected was connected with my hosting account and I never even set it up properly (and of course I didn’t remember that I’d chosen that email!). So resetting my password was out of the question. Over the past months I’d tried typing different combinations of username and password variations, but none worked.

Today, while wandering through my cPanel trying to figure out a solution to another domain/hosting/Wordpress problem (still unresolved), I found an email account. It wasn’t the one that hadn’t been set up, but it did collect all the misdirected mail that would have gone to that email. So I’m back in business!

First off, I want to send a big apology to Camy Tang, whose interview has languished in draft form all these months! I’m going to update the post with her latest news and hopefully publish it later this week.

In the intervening months, most of my writing about novels has been for FamilyFiction. I’m the contributing editor for speculative and young adult fiction there.

I’ve devoted most of my blogging time this year to my new site, TV Breakroom. I’ve become a huge fan of storytelling through television shows. Several of the shows I watch even have a novel connection – Castle, Bones, and Rizzoli & Isles. Now that would be the ultimate promotional tool!

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  1. Camy Tang says:

    No problem, Katie! What a headache! I would be homicidal by now. 🙂

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